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1963 Chassis 6655

Inlägg 13 jul 2016, 18:10

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I recently purchased a 1963 1800S, chassis 6655. My Dad bought a new 1800 in 1963, in Germany... My car was an OUS car, and has Swedish language switchgear. My car is the same color interior and exterior as my Dad's was... My Dad brought his car to the US in 1965, and sold it in the US in 1967. It is possible I purchased my Dad's car!!!

However, I want to know for sure. I wrote to Volvo, and they don't have any records on original sales owners and chassis numbers. They suggested I come to this board for some help. Is there any chance anyone can help me to find out if I purchased my Dad's car 53 years after he did?! ANY assistance would be appreciated!!!

I have asked his insurance company if they kept records to get his old chassis number, they don't keep records that old :cry:


Inlägg 13 jul 2016, 20:16

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Try replace kanelbulle with appropriate character that fit in a mail address. Lars Gerdin works at Volvo historical archive and might have more information.
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